Become an Affiliate for SHINE!

There is nothing more satisfying in life than helping a friend or loved one overcome a problem; the sense of satisfaction is incredibly rewarding. We understand this and would love to offer you the opportunity to earn a commission for doing what you're probably already doing anyway; speaking to people about what you love about products and services you love.

Helping Others, Helping Yourself

We all love to talk to others about what works for us, especially when we're talking about quality of life and peace of mind, and as an affiliate of SHINE we want to give you the opportunity to earn a commission on referrals who purchase a course through our website. Our aim is to keep it as simple as possible; if you refer someone to our website who purchases a course within 90 days of the referral date you will earn a commission of 20%.

How it works:

Very simply, when you sign up as an affiliate will have access to a range of creatives (text links, images etc.) which all come embedded with a unique link. By recommending people to SHINE through your unique links we are able to track sales of any of our online courses and your commission will be automatically added to your affiliate account ready for pay out on the next commission cycle (currently every Friday). That's it! You won't need to track referrals, clicks, or purchases as our system will ensure that when someone uses your link to make a purchase you get paid.

Who Does This Apply To?

This Affiliate Program is currently by invite only. If you have been invited to join you can do so free of charge, whether you have a website or blog about health and wellness, a Facebook group or page, an email list, or even just friends and family members who could benefit from Anthony's life changing courses.

How do I get started?

Simply click here to create an affiliate account with SHINE and we could have you up and running within a matter of minutes. As soon as your account is ready you can begin to refer and earn with SHINE. There is also a dedicated support email address should you have any questions at all about your account.