IMG_7201Since 2003 Anthony has been a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register, qualified as a Clinical Hypnotic Consultant, trained in Hypnosis, Psychotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming. These qualifications offered Anthony a base from which to start interacting with people on a professional basis, and have allowed him to express and develop further his independent research into the workings of the mind and particularly about how best to help those having an unhappy experience. Anthony's research began early in life as a result of looking for answers to his own questions and issues, and only uses techniques that he knows, first-hand, have worked for him, and then others. As a result of all his experience, he has developed a short, comprehensive program, consisting of 3 x 90 minute sessions with the goal of expedited personal transformation that delivers marked and immediately perceptible and observable results. The 3 session program of talking therapy, (no hypnosis during our sessions together), may be either in person, via the Internet, by telephone or email.Anthony helps people, who suffer from the wide gamut of stress and depressive related conditions, to essentially get their hands back on the steering wheel of their inner world. For the well of mind, this short program can be equally useful and transformative, by helping people to release more of their latent potential and in helping to solve the myriad of personal issues and challenges that modern life serves up.Because of Anthony's direct experience in global financial markets over the last 20+ years (please see and his love of sport, tennis and cricket in particular, Anthony is extremely well placed to assist professional people involved in these industries, as an area of speciality.

Testimonials from some of Anthony's Clients

"I have nothing but total and utter praise for Anthony and his practices. Being rather sceptical about this form of treatment, I was talked into giving it a go by a family member. At this point I was so desperate I felt I had nothing to lose……it's the best thing I ever did.

Anthony has given me the tools to approach my depression and anxiety, which I have suffered with for many years, in a totally different way and the results have been truly amazing.

Anthony is always there if i have a wobble and has become a true friend. Don't struggle anymore, you can change your life for the better. I would urge you to give Anthony a go, you won't regret it.

Best wishes


"I was introduced to Anthony by a friend who knew I was going through a rough patch (to put in mildly, I was deeply depressed, suicidal) following a couple of huge life shocks.

I have some experience of self-help books, half a dozen so-called psychotherapists, most of whom were ineffective, lacking empathy and a waste of time and money - have we really not moved on in 100 years from our Freudian approach of raking over the coals of our childhoods forever ?!

For most of my life I have been successful and managed well but I was in a dark, lonely and frightening place.

In literally two phone calls with Anthony, I felt better than I had in years. He has the expertise, experience and effective, easy-to-use tools and strategies that created a massive, instant break-through. In addition to this effectiveness, he is also incredibly kind and has huge empathy and gentleness; a wonderful human being.

In my opinion he will give you a winning combinationto breakthrough your blockages and worries instantly.

I cannot advise you strongly enough to try him- 2 sessions with him is far more effective, faster and cheaper than months of psychotherapy.

Thank you, Anthony, for your help and kindness when I needed it most.

Deepest respect.


"I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) in 2013, having struggled with my demons all my life. I have been in and out of psychiatric units for some years now, suffering with depression, anxiety and severe self-harm. and have received counseling and different therapies that my GP referred me for. But nothing helped I still felt the same emptiness and complete despair that I always had.

A mutual friend introduced me to Anthony and had told him a little about my history. He worked with me over a few sessions and has taught me how to change my way of thinking from negative to positive. Anthony is a very knowledgeable person but explains things in a way that anyone can understand. I am in awe of him as my life has changed so much since working with him. I no longer stress or worry about what might be, ive not self harmed in a long time and I'm in the best place I've ever been in my life. Thank you Anthony you've completely turned my life around.



"I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Anthony Morris. With reference to the previous testimonial on BPD. As the partner to the sufferer, I witnessed many years of debilitating suffering with no real help or understanding of this illness, or a real care plan from the medical or psychiatric bodies available to deal with this matter. The medication prescribed did not seem to ease the symptoms and also created additional issues due to side affects. Subsequently there was no noticeable change and therefore the issues continued.

After being introduced to Anthony, and explaining the symptoms, which included severe depression and self harm, which in itself had led to periods of time in psychiatric care, he applied his own application of treatment, this consisted of three to four, one to one sessions, with my partner. The results where astounding, although a permanent cure for BPD was never going to be achieved, the ability to understand, cope and manage the illness certainly was, he taught her how to focus on positivity and installed new tools to the affected mind which undoubtedly has had an overwhelming affect on controlling the symptoms. This is a breakthrough in a very grey area and a positive outlook to the sufferers of this terrible illness and opens a whole new approach to treating mental health, depression and anxiety, without the use of drugs. The patient is now a new stronger, confident person, able to overcome what would have previously broke them down.

An amazing result and one that can be applied to help other sufferers. Many thanks Anthony, your input has changed this person's life for the best, a remarkable result.



27yr old professional sportsman.

"I first met Ant through our love of cricket. I was playing professionally both Internationally and in the UK at the time and looking at ways that I could take the next step and really excel. There was a lot of anxiety within myself, heading into a season where I wasn't sure of what the outcome was going to be and where it would take me.

Even after 5 years of professional sport, I was still doubting whether I was good enough to play at that level and I had a lot of negative thoughts. However, Ant allowed me to look at the game in a different way, channeling my inner emotions and allowing me to express myself on the field. He helped me gain control of what was happening in the now and trusting if I looked after that and enjoyed the moment then the future wouldn't be a concern.

Ant was immensely understanding of my situation and concerns and through his positive outlook and knowledge, I was able to create a calm belief within myself.

He introduced me to certain methods which I find so beneficial for recovery of my mind and body during the busy playing season. Ant gave me a real belief in not just playing but also coaching too and this has really helped me transition to the next stage of my career.

I would recommend Ant to any sportsman, who is looking to take the next step at whatever level of sport they are playing.

Warm regards


A M is a 48 yr old man suffering from depression.

"Anthony has a brilliant ability to both encourage and empathise.

He has an unusually bright and thought-provoking mind and is good at conveying his concepts and beliefs with a broad range of individuals.

The work that he has done with regards to enhancing one's performance is fascinating.

Thanks to talking with Anthony I have changed the way that I think about my own performance and who I am, both as a person and as a professional, and where I am with attaining my goals.

His life experience together with his in-depth knowledge of hypnotherapy, NLP and counselling is second to none.

Whilst normally being able to channel my thoughts and energy in a positive way as a sportsman, a sports coach and a therapist, I still found myself in a rut in many situations and environments (again some professional and some personal).

Anthony has effectively helped me break the negative cycle of thoughts and after only one session and a few weeks of practice, self-limiting beliefs are already being replaced by new positive thoughts.

I am very satisfied so far and will continue to effectively adopt his strategies and techniques with enthusiasm and with an advantage. An advantage that I have realised that we should all have… a gentle, positive and forward looking self-belief!

Thank you, Anthony.

Your friend Andy."

S C is a 65 yr old man who was suffering with depression, stress and anxiety. 2 Sessions in person.

"Just a quick message to say thank you for the impressive results!

My 65 year old father has been suffering from depression for the best part of the last year and a half…until he booked a couple of appointments with Anthony.I had to sit through the sessions in order to do the translation because my fatherdoesn'tspeak English.The two sessions worked really well.

What stands out about Anthony is his professional attitude, his in-depth knowledge, his contagious enthusiasm, his ability to connect with the client and to direct the session in a way which puts you at ease and gets you back in control.

This is the greatest change for my father- he learned a number of techniques which work for him and which he can now apply by himself to be in control of his emotions and thought patterns.

Changes we can see:

My father now smiles a lot, whilst before hewasn't.

His voice has changed- it is naturally strong again.

He is gradually reducing his medication, after being on heavy stuff for so long.

The muscular and joint pains generated by stress are now completely gone.

The only regret my father has, is the fact that he lives too far away and only had the chance to meet Anthony twice. However, twice was enough in my father's case to really change direction, thanks to Anthony. We've got my father back, ready to enjoy life with optimism. For that, thank you.

All the best


E F is a 13 yr old boy, living in South Melbourne, Australia, who was suffering from acute performance anxiety to the extent it produced paralysis. The client suffered from having a very negative mindset that pervaded his general experience. 3 weeks later here is the feedback pursuant to our initial conversation which lasted about 30 minutes and which was conducted via Skype. 1 short session.

"Anthony has helped me a lot with my self doubt by teaching me ways to shut out the voice telling me I'm bad and should give up in sports and a lot of other things. He has taught me exactly how to do this and it worked like a charm, and that mean voice went away and hasn't bothered me very much at all since.

I have used these techniques during my basketball grand final and it helped me get over us losing and other tough parts of the game. I use it at school now so I don't doubt myself whilst doing work or doubting that my work is good or not.

I think that Anthony's techniques have helped me very much and I will use them in the future and I will always use it when playing all sports in my life. I think it will help me get to where I want to get in my sporting career which is what I want to do and if I make it will be because Anthony's techniques got me a strong sports mentality.

Thanks Ant

Best wishes Ethan."

C G is a 47 yr old man who had been suffering from depression for over 30 years and had tried many different approaches before coming to work with me. 3 sessions in person.

"Anthony is a deeply intuitive and gifted coach and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is looking to make a change in their lives. I knew I had to change certain things but just didn't find anyone who could really help me. Talking to Anthony was the catalyst for me to actually start changing things. Since our three sessions together, in addition to the huge treasure trove of coping mechanisms and deep relaxation techniques I learned with Anthony, I have taken up yoga and meditation and have overcome some unhealthy eating and drinking habits which has lead me to lose weight and enjoy more energy and peace.In summary, I feel stronger, sleep better, focus and concentration are much improved and I am far less stressed at work and also more relaxed around the family. My life has just improved dramatically and I am so grateful to Anthony for helping me become so resilient and positive."

SJ is a 43 yr old woman who suffered with long term chronic depression and anxiety. 3 sessions in person.

"Anthony is a true professional - intuitive, knowledgeable, creative and passionate. I would recommend Anthony to anyone who wants to make a change. It really helped me that Anthony's approach didn't require me to divulge any personal and private information and was very focused on the outcome that I wanted to get to and helping me to feel relaxed and comfortable. I'm eternally grateful for Anthony's patience and understanding.

I enjoyed my time with Anthony very much and left every session with a lot to think about and concrete actions and exercises to work on. Expert practical advice."

L U is a 35 yr old woman based in California who was going through an extremely stressful period in life, the break up of her family and a battle to win back custody of her daughter - 2 sessions over the phone.

"My sessions with Anthony were not only healing, but inspirational. His methods, which I still practice to this day, help me to stay focused and very optimistic in achieving each of my goals, I found it quintessential. His wise advice was paramount. Simply wonderful!"