The Walking in the Earth Meditation by Tim Farrell.

An Ancient State of Being. A Conscious Quantum Entanglement.

The Walking in the Earth Meditation is the result of combining the knowledge gained over the last 35 years whilst studying and treating clients with energy medicine and associated western, eastern and various indigenous cultural concepts of physical and spiritual well being.

With tens of thousands of hours of clinical work and conceptual models of wellness and consciousness obtained from the privileged opportunity to study with what I consider to be some of the most authentic indigenous cultures, namely the pre-Indian Buddhist Bon Po of Tibet, Australian Aboriginal Healers and holy men and highly skilled indigenous healers from North America combined with teachers from the resurgent pre-Christian cultures of Europe and the UK. 

My intention for sharing the universal knowledge in this meditation-self-healing process, that is an amalgam of knowledge that was given to me either by teachers, original people, study or directly from Spirit, is to empower living beings to claim what I call their physical and spiritual birth right. That birth right is a conscious connection to, and an interactive relationship with, the sentient host of our spirit’s current experience that some call Earth. 

To convey this concept in scientific terminology I refer to this as Conscious Quantum Entanglement. We are by the nature of our reality, always entangled with all matter but this practice brings this connection to the forefront of our consciousness together with our body and spirit all in the “now” of time-space. 

This self-healing practice is an opportunity to make a conscious decision to claim your spiritual sovereignty from top to bottom, no filters, manipulation from other spirits or entities; all contracts null and void. The space between the red ball that anchors us to the centre of the Earth/ Earth plane and the white ball that represents our non-differentiated divine essence is vast and infinitely complex, or a void of velvet darkness. 

My humble attempt is to give you conscious access to what you really are. To expand from your core, not leave your body, and access all with no external caveats. After that it’s up to you to take it to wherever you want. 

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