Anthony Morris C.M.H. C.Hyp. MPNLP


Performance Coach & specialist in helping clients suffering with Anxiety or Depression. Anthony is based at 96 Harley Street, London & in Stamford, Lincolnshire.


"Talent hits a target no one else can hit; genius hits a target no one else can see''

- Arthur Schopenhauer


Here's a question for you - Why is it that so many people suffering from depression and anxiety suffer in silence?

One answer is that people believe that traditional methods of treatment involve a very invasive series of conversations aimed at finding out WHY people feel the way they do. In my mind this is exactly the wrong question to be asking as there are infinite possibilities and potential answers and nothing definite or concrete.

The question we should be asking is HOW we do our depression and anxiety which does have definite answers. I offer a completely non invasive approach which tackles the HOW.

People suffering like this have become masters of depression and anxiety as opposed to using the quanta of their attention to become masters of something positive. It all comes down to where we are placing our attention which is both the most powerful thing in the universe and the only thing we can actually control.

My online course 'Surviving Your Self' is an interactive system of video and audio files that is designed for those of you who are suffering in silence so that you can do the required work on your own without anyone else knowing about it or having to see anyone in person. I guarantee that you will be able to alleviate even the most chronic of conditions.

In addition I offer one to one coaching for anyone looking to make a change in their lives or to achieve some big ambitious goal.

An introduction to my course 'Surviving Your Self':

"We are simply an accumulation of, or the result/effect of, where we have placed our attention up to Now. A master sportsman for example spends so much time focusing his attention and thinking on the area of expertise to become a great champion. If we desire change, it can only happen by changing where one chooses to place one's attention. It is in fact the only thing we have control of - where we choose to place our attention, moment to moment - what we will invest in - it is happily the most powerful thing in the universe and unfortunately this simple fact seems to have been forgotten."- Anthony Morris

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Anthony is a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register